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Without question the greatest trend in financial services in the past dozen years has been the advent of structured products. With these flexible instruments, financial institutions have been able to provide clients with forms of principal protection, tax-efficiency, enhanced returns and reduced volatility (or risk), that were not possible with conventional asset classes. Today there is hardly a portfolio that does not contain some principle-protected notes.

In this regard, we work with our partner banks to design innovative solutions to capitalize on market developments. We structure and source notes linked to yield curves, equities or commodities.

investment advisory mandate

We offer our clients a personal approach together with top-class services. 

As a financial intermediary, we structure financial solutions customized to our clients' individual needs and in consideration with current market characteristics and opportunities. Solutions and portfolios are designed on the basis of individual profiles and considering the complete range of asset classes and structured investments.

The client’s assets are kept in safe custody at his/her chosen bank. The client may receive direct electronic access to the portfolio if so desired. In the case of an Investment Advisory Mandate, investment instructions are defined and the nature of the investments is determined together with time parameters. In addition, notice will be given of due dates and securities-administration transactions (optional dividends, etc.). The client will be kept informed by SGEK Invest AG regarding current market developments.

With an advisory mandate, our clients ask us to provide them with regular investment advice and updates. The decision on how to invest and the final management of the client's portfolio is, however, taken by the client. The investment profile and our level of involvement are entirely up to the investor to determine.

This type of arrangement is ideal for individuals who are active and informed investors and who want to participate in all aspects of their wealth management, but value a sparring partner.